Translation of "figure" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /ˈfɪɡər/ us

B1 a symbol for a number

sayı, rakam
Write down the amount in words and figures.
He's now being paid a six-figure salary.
single/double, etc figures

numbers from 0 to 9/numbers from 10 to 99, etc

tekli/çiftli sayılar, iki haneli sayılar/rakamlar

B1 a number that expresses an amount, especially in official documents

miktar, sayı, rakam
Government figures show a rise in unemployment.

B2 a particular type of person, often someone important or famous

bilhassa önemli/meşhur kişi/şahsiyet
a mysterious figure
Lincoln was a major figure in American politics.

B2 a person that you cannot see clearly

karaltı, insan figürü
I could see two figures in the distance.

B1 the shape of someone's body, usually an attractive shape

insan bedeni, çekici insan vücudu, boy pos, endam
She's got a good figure for her age.
PICTURE written abbreviation fig.

a picture or drawing in a book or document, usually with a number

kitap veya belgelerde sayılarla gösterilen resim ve çizimler, resim, şekil, desen
Look at the graph shown in Figure 2.
→ See also father figure

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