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noun uk us /fɔːm/
TYPE [ C ]

B2 a type of something or way of doing something

biçim, şekil, görüntü
Swimming is the best form of exercise.

A2 a printed document with spaces for you to write information

form, başvuru fişi, çizelge, cetvel
Please fill in/out the form using black ink.
the form of sth

the particular way in which something exists

oluş biçimi, şekli, varoluş şekli
The novel is written in the form of a series of letters.

In sport, someone's form is how well or badly they are performing.

sporda form/başarı
The team seems to have lost its form lately.
be in/on/off form UK

If someone is in form or on form, they are feeling or performing well, and if they are off form they are not feeling or performing well.

formda olmak/olmamak
Harry was on good form last night.
SCHOOL GROUP [ C ] UK ( US grade)

B1 a school class or group of classes for students of the same age or ability

sınıf, grup
He's in the third form.

the body or shape of someone or something

şekli, formu, görüntüsü

B1 a way of writing or saying a word that shows if it is singular or plural, past or present, etc

sözcük biçimi/şekli/formu
The plural form of 'sheep' is 'sheep'.
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