Translation of "happen" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb [ I ] uk /ˈhæpən/ us

A2 If an event or situation happens, it exists or starts to be done, usually by chance.

meydana gelmek, olmak, vuku bulmak
Were you anywhere nearby when the accident happened?
We can't let a mistake like this happen again.

A2 to be the result of an action, situation, or event that someone or something experiences

olmak, başına gelmek, yaşamak, tecrübe etmek
Did you hear what happened to Jamie last night?
What happens if we can't get enough tickets?
happen to do sth

to do something by chance

bir şeyin tesadüfen olması
If you happen to see Peter, say "hi" for me.
You don't happen to know her phone number, do you?
as it happens; it so happens

something that you say in order to introduce a surprising fact

tesadüfen, şans eseri, rastlantı olarak
As it happens, her birthday is the day after mine.

(Translation of “happen” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)