Translation of "kill" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb uk /kɪl/ us
DEATH [ I, T ]

A2 to make someone or something die

Sunday's bomb killed 19 people.
Their son was killed in a road accident.
sb will kill sb A2 informal

used to say that someone will be very angry with someone else

birine çok kızgınlığı belirtmek için kullanılır
Dad will kill me for being late.
END [ T ]

to stop an activity or experience completely

mahvetmek, bitirmek, öldürmek; (argo) içine etmek
His remark killed the conversation.
CAUSE PAIN [ T ] informal

to cause you a lot of pain or effort

zahmet/eziyet vermek, çok sıkıntı vermek, öldürmek, canını çıkarmak
My feet are killing me.
It wouldn't kill you to tidy up occasionally.
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