Translation of "lost" - English-Turkish dictionary


adjective uk /lɒst/ us

A2 not knowing where you are or where you should go

I got lost on the way.

B1 If something is lost, no one knows where it is.

kayıp, yitik
Things tend to get lost when you move house.
Lost: black cat with white paws.

not knowing what to do in a new situation

kaybolmuş, ne yapacağını bilmeyen, alışmaya çalışan
It was his first day in the office and he seemed a bit lost.
be lost without sb/sth informal

to be unable to live or work without someone or something

(onsuz) bir hiç olmak, işe yaramamak, iş yapamamak; (o) eli ayağı olmak
She's lost without her computer.
be lost on sb

If a joke or remark is lost on someone, they do not understand it.

anlaşılmamış olmak; etkili olmamak; boşa gitmiş olmak
Get lost! informal

an impolite way of telling someone to go away

'Kaybol!', 'Gözüm görmesin!', 'Çek git!' → See also long-lost

(Translation of “lost adjective” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)