Translation of "offer" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /ˈɒfər/ us

A2 a question in which you ask someone if they would like something

teklif, sunma, verme
an offer of help
a job offer
to accept/refuse an offer

an amount of money that you say you will pay for something

teklif, öneri
The highest offer anyone has made so far is a thousand euros.

B1 a cheap price or special arrangement for something you are buying

indirim, fırsat, ucuz teklif, düşük fiyat
This special offer ends on Friday.
on offer

at a cheaper price than usual

daha ucuz fiyat teklifi, satılık, satışa çıkarılmış, indirimde
Are these jeans still on offer?

B2 available to do or have

var olan, satışta, mevcut
We were amazed at the range of products on offer.

(Translation of “offer noun” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)