Translation of "ordinary" - English-Turkish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈɔːdənəri/ us

B1 not special, different, or unusual in any way

normal, orta, vasat, özelliği olmayan
ordinary life
an ordinary day
I had a very ordinary childhood.

Ordinary people are not rich or famous and do not have special skills.

sıradan, vasat, orta direk, orta halli, hiçbir meziyeti olmayan
ordinary people/citizens
an ordinary man/woman
out of the ordinary

unusual or different

görülmemiş, olağanüstü, fevkalade, müstesna
Their relationship was a little out of the ordinary.
The investigation revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

(Translation of “ordinary” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)