Translation of "pardon" - English-Turkish dictionary


exclamation uk /ˈpɑːdən/ us

A2 also US pardon me a polite way of asking someone to repeat what they have just said

Affedersiniz!', 'Anlayamadım!', 'Efendim?', 'Pardon?'
"You'll need an umbrella." "Pardon?" "I said you'll need an umbrella."
Pardon me.

used to say 'sorry' after you have done something rude, for example after burping (= letting air from your stomach out of your mouth)

Efendim?!', 'Affedersiniz!', 'Özür dilerim!', 'Bağışlayın lütfen!', 'Çok affedersiniz

(Translation of “pardon exclamation” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)