Translation of "present" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk us /prɪˈzent/

B2 to give something to someone, often at a formal ceremony

sunmak, vermek, takdim etmek
to present a prize
They presented her with a bouquet.

to give people information in a formal way

bilgi vermek; bilgilendirmek
He presented the report to his colleagues.
present a danger/threat/problem, etc

to cause a danger/threat/problem, etc

tehlike/tehdit/sorun vs. yaratmak/arzetmek
The final exam may present some problems.
TV/RADIO UK ( US host)

B2 to introduce a television or radio programme

tv./radyo programı sunmak
He presents a weekly sports quiz.

to show a new play or film

yeni bir oyun/film göstermek
The school is presenting 'West Side Story' this term.

to introduce someone formally

tanıştırmak, takdim etmek
May I present my daughters?

If an opportunity presents itself, it becomes possible.

(ortaya) çıkmak, olmak, düşmek, zuhur etmek; mümkün hâle gelmek
I'd be happy to go to New York, if the opportunity presented itself.

(Translation of “present verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)