Translation of "regular" - English-Turkish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈreɡjələr/ us

B2 repeated with the same amount of time or space between one thing and the next

düzenli, muntazam, alışılmış, mutat
a regular pulse
Plant the seedlings at regular intervals.

B1 happening or doing something often, especially at the same time every week, year, etc

daimi, düzenli
a regular occurrence
We arranged to meet on a regular basis.

usual or normal

her zamanki, olağan, devamlı, mutat
I couldn't see my regular dentist.
SIZE informal

B1 being a standard size

standart ölçüde, aynı büyüklükte, her zamanki
a burger and regular fries

Something that has a regular shape is the same on both or all sides.

düzenli, aynı ölçüde, aynı hizada, muntazam
She's got lovely, regular teeth.

B1 following the usual rules or patterns in grammar

(dilbilgisi) düzenli, kurallı
'Talk' is a regular verb but 'go' is not.
→ Opposite irregular
regularity noun [ U ] uk /ˌreɡjəˈlærəti/ us

the state of being regular

düzenlilik, düzen, intizam

(Translation of “regular adjective” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)