Translation of "return" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk us /rɪˈtɜːn/
GOING BACK [ no plural ]

B1 when someone goes or comes back to a place where they were before

geri gelme/dönme
On his return to Sydney, he started up a business.
GIVING BACK [ no plural ]

when something is given back, put back, or sent back

geri verme/koyma/gönderme; iade etme
the return of the stolen goods
ACTIVITY [ no plural ]

when someone starts an activity again

tekrar başlama/başlatma
This film marks his return to acting.
HAPPENING AGAIN [ no plural ]

when something starts to happen or be present again

dönüş, başlama, olma
What we are seeing here is a return to traditional values.
TICKET [ C ] UK ( US round-trip ticket)

B1 a ticket that lets you travel to a place and back again, for example on a train

gidiş-dönüş bileti

the profit that you get from an investment

kâr, kazanç, gelir
This fund has shown high returns for the last five years.
in return

B2 in exchange for something or as a reaction to something

karşılık olarak; mukabilinde, karşılığında
I'd like to give them something in return for everything they've done for us.

when a ball is thrown or hit back to another player in a sports match

(spor) pas verme
She hit an excellent return.

B1 a key on a computer keyboard that is used to make the computer accept information or to start a new line in a document

bilgisayar klavyesinde bilgiyi kabul/tamam ve satır atlatma tuşu
Type in the password and press return.
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