Translation of "shape" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk /ʃeɪp/ us

B1 [ C, U ] the physical form of something made by the line around its outer edge

şekil, biçim
You can recognize trees by the shape of their leaves.
in good/bad/great, etc shape

B2 in good/bad, etc health or condition

iyi/kötü/harika vs.durumda
She runs every day so she's in pretty good shape.
out of shape

not healthy or physically strong

sağlıksız, zayıf, kötü, şekilsiz
keep in shape

to stay healthy and physically strong

formunu korumak; sağlığına ve fiziğine iyi bakmak
take shape

to start to develop and become more clear or certain

şekil almak, bir şeye benzemeye başlamak
The project is slowly beginning to take shape.

(Translation of “shape noun” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)