Translation of "short" - English-Turkish dictionary


adverb uk us /ʃɔːt/
short of doing sth

without doing something

hariç; ...dan/den başka; dışında
He did everything he could to get the money, short of robbing a bank.
stop short of sth/doing sth

to almost do something but decide not to do it

vazgeçmek, yapmamaya karar vermek
She stopped short of accusing him of lying.
fall short of sth

to not reach a particular level, but only by a small amount

beklenenin altına düşmek, istenilen düzeye ulaşmamak
Sales for the first half of this year fell just short of the target.
cut sth short

to have to stop doing something before it is finished

kısa kesmek, yarıda kesmek; sözünü kesmek
They had to cut the holiday short when her mother was taken ill.

(Translation of “short adverb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)