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verb uk /sniːk/ us past tense and past participle sneaked, also US informal snuck
sneak into/out/around, etc

to go somewhere quietly because you do not want anyone to hear you

belli etmeden gizlice girmek, çaktırmadan sokulmak, süzülmek, sıvışmak
I sneaked into his bedroom while he was asleep.
sneak sth into/out of/through, etc

to take something somewhere without anyone seeing you

gizlice sokmak, çaktırmadan götürmek, aşırmak, yürütmek
We tried to sneak the dog into the hotel.
sneak a look/glance at sb/sth

to look at someone or something quickly and secretly

gizlice belli etmeden bakmak, dikizlemek, çaktırmadan gözlemek
I sneaked a look at the answers.

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