Translation of "spot" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /spɒt/

B1 a small, round mark which is a different colour to the surface it is on

benek, nokta, leke
a blue shirt with white spots
I noticed a small spot of oil on my jacket.
SKIN UK ( US pimple)

an unpleasant, small, red mark on your skin

leke, sivilce, ben
He suffered badly with spots as a teenager.

B2 a place

yer, mahal
We found a good spot to sit and have our picnic.
a spot of sth UK old-fashioned

a small amount of something

azıcık, biraz
a spot of lunch/shopping
on the spot


derhal, hemencecik, şipşak
I accepted the job on the spot.

in the place where something happens

yerinde, mahallinde, oracıkta
The police were called and they were on the spot within three minutes.
→ See also beauty spot , blind spot , have a soft spot for sb , put sb on the spot

(Translation of “spot noun” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)