Translation of "still" - English-Turkish dictionary


adverb uk /stɪl/ us

A2 used to say that something is continuing to happen now or that someone is continuing to do something now

He's still here if you want to speak to him.
Do you still play basketball?

used to say that something continues to be possible

daha, hâlâ
We could still catch the train if we leave now.

B1 used to emphasize that you did not expect something to happen because something else makes it surprising

daha da
He didn't do much work but still came top of the class.
The weather was terrible. Still, we had a good holiday.
better/harder/worse, etc still

B2 better/harder/worse, etc than something else

hâlâ daha iyi/zor/kötü vs.

(Translation of “still adverb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)