Translation of "suit" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /suːt/ us

B2 to make someone look more attractive

daha çekici yapmak, uygun olmak, güzelleştirmek, uymak, çok iyi gitmek
Green really suits you.

B2 to be acceptable or right for someone

uygun olmak, eşverişli olmak, doğru ve kabul edilebilir olmak
It would suit me better if we left a bit earlier.
be suited to/for sth

to be right for someone or something

...a/e/için uygun/yerinde olmak
These plants are better suited to a warm climate.
→ See also suit sb down to the ground

(Translation of “suit verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)