Translation of "survive" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb uk /səˈvaɪv/ us
NOT DIE [ I, T ]

B2 to continue to live after almost dying because of an accident, illness, etc

hayatta kalmak, hayatı idame etmek, yaşamını sürdürmek
He was born with a heart problem and only survived ten days.
No one survived the plane crash.
EXIST [ I, T ]

to continue to exist after being in a difficult or dangerous situation

varlığını sürdürmek, ayakta kalmak
Only two buildings survived the earthquake.

If you survive someone, you continue to live after they have died.

neslini devam ettirmek, soyunu yaşatmak

(Translation of “survive” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)