Translation of "use" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk /juːs/ us

A2 the act of using something, or of being used

kullanma, kullanım
an increase in the use of mobile phones
Guests have free use of the hotel swimming pool.
Turn the machine off when it's not in use (= being used).

B1 a purpose for which something is used

fayda, yarar
A food processor has a variety of uses in the kitchen.
Can you find a use for this box?
be (of) any/some use

B2 to be useful

faydalı olm(ma)ak, işe yara(ma)mak
Is this book of any use to you?
be (of) no use

B2 to not be useful

faydası olmamak, hiç bir işe yaramamak
His advice was no use at all.
be no use; be no use doing sth

B2 used to say that trying to do something has no effect

hiç bir yararı olmamak; en küçük bir etkisi olmamak; faydasız/işe yaramaz olmak
It was no use talking to him - he wouldn't listen.
WORD [ C ]

B1 one of the meanings of a word, or the way that a particular word is used

(sözcük) kullanım; kullanım şekli
Can you list all the uses of the verb 'go'?
the use of sth

permission to use something, or the ability to use something

kullanım izni, kullanabilme
Martin has offered me the use of his car.
make use of sth

to use something that is available

yararlanmak, faydalanmak, kullanmak
We were encouraged to make use of all the facilities.

(Translation of “use noun” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)