Translation of "well" - English-Turkish dictionary


adjective [ never before noun ] uk /wel/ us better, best

A1 healthy

sağlıklı, iyi
to feel/look well
I'm not very well.
Are you feeling better now?
→ Opposite unwell
all is well

B1 everything is in a good or acceptable state

her şey çok güzel, her şey yolunda; tıkırında; saat gibi
I hope all is well with Jack.
be all very well

used to show that you do not agree with something or that you are annoyed about something

hepsi iyi de...; iyi güzel de...; iyi hoş da...; iyi hoş ama...
It's all very well for her to say everything's fine, she doesn't have to live here.
be (just) as well

used to say that something might be a good thing to do or happen

iyi olur, isabet olur; Allah'tan, iyi ki
[ + (that) ] It was just as well that you left when you did.
→ See also be alive and kicking/well

(Translation of “well adjective” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)