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Definición de “drive” en inglés


verb uk   /draɪv/ (drove, driven) us  

drive verb (USE VEHICLE)

A1 [I or T] to move or travel on land in a motor vehicle, especially as the person controlling the vehicle's movement: I'm learning to drive. "Are you going by train?" "No, I'm driving." She drives a red sports car. They're driving to Scotland on Tuesday. We saw their car outside the house and drove on/past/away. I drove my daughter to school.
Driving and operating road vehicles
driving while intoxicated (abbreviation DWI) US specialized the crime of operating a motor vehicle after having drunk more alcohol than you are legally allowed to: Smith was arrested and charged with DWI.Driving and operating road vehiclesCrime - general wordsDrunkenness and sobriety

drive verb (FORCE)

C1 [T] to force someone or something to go somewhere or do something: They used dogs to drive the sheep into a pen. A post had been driven (= hit hard) into the ground near the tree. By the end of the year, most of the occupying troops had been driven from the city. [+ to infinitive] In the end, it was his violent behaviour that drove her to leave home.Causing somebody to actUrging and persuadingPushing and shoving C1 [T] to force someone or something into a particular state, often an unpleasant one: In the course of history, love has driven men and women to strange extremes. For the second time in ten years, the government has driven the economy into recession.Causing somebody to actUrging and persuadingPushing and shoving drive sb mad, crazy, etc. B2 informal to make someone extremely annoyed: My mother-in-law has been staying with us this past week and she's driving me crazy. He leaves dirty clothes all over the floor and it's driving me mad.Causing feelings of anger and displeasure drive sb wild informal to make you very excited, especially sexually: When he runs his fingers through my hair, it drives me wild!Sexual attractionAttractiveMaking people excited and interestedInspiration and inspiring

drive verb (PROVIDE POWER)

C2 [T] to provide the power to keep a machine working, or to make something happen: The engine drives the wheels. Water drives the turbines that produce electricity.Machinery and machinesHousehold equipment and domestic chores [T] If you drive a ball, especially in golf, you hit it hard so that it travels a long way: Slater drove the ball down the fairway.Hitting and beatingPunishing by causing pain
Phrasal verbs


noun uk   /draɪv/ us  

drive noun (ROAD)

[C] (also driveway) a short private road that leads from a public road to a house: I parked in the drive.ParkingUrban and residential streets [C] used in the names of some roads, especially roads containing houses: 12 Cotswold DriveUrban and residential streets

drive noun (PLANNED EFFORT)

[C] a planned effort to achieve something: The latest promotional material is all part of a recruitment drive. I'm meant to be on an economy drive at the moment, so I'm trying not to spend too much.Trying and making an effortEffort and expending energy

drive noun (COMPUTING)

B1 [C] a device for storing computer information: a hard drive a DVD drive a CD driveComputer hardware

drive noun (VEHICLE)

B1 [C] a journey in a car: It's a long drive from Glasgow to London. Shall we go for a drive this afternoon?Journeys [U] the system used to power a vehicle: a car with left-hand/right-hand drive (= in which the driver sits in the seat on the left/right). a four-wheel drive vehicleThe engine and engine partsEngines and motors

drive noun (POWER)

C1 [U] energy and determination to achieve things: We are looking for someone with drive and ambition. [+ to infinitive] He has the drive to succeed. Later on in life the sex drive tends to diminish.Motives and reasonsFeelings of desire [C] (in sport, especially golf) a powerful hit that sends a ball a long wayGolfCricketGeneral terms used in ball sports
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