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Definición de “end” en inglés


noun uk   /end/ us  

end noun (LAST POINT)

A2 [C] the part of a place or thing that is furthest away from the centre: This cable should have a plug at one end and a socket at the other. We damaged the end of the piano when we moved it. Get to the end of the queue and wait your turn like everyone else. Our house is the third from the end on the left. Is it safe to stand the computer on (its) end?Ends and endings A1 [C] the final part of something such as a period of time, activity, or story: I always like to leave my desk clear at the end of the day. The end of the play was much more exciting than I'd expected. This latest injury must surely mean that her tennis career is now at an end (= finished). The statement said there would be no end to the violence until the terrorists' demands were met. [S] polite word for death: We were all by her bedside when the end finally came. He met his end (= died) in a shoot-out with the police.Death and dying [C] either of the two halves of a sports field: The teams change ends at half-time so that neither side has an unfair advantage.Surfaces on which sports take place [C] one of the two players in American football who begin play furthest from the ballAmerican footballGeneral terms used in ball sports bring sth to an end C1 to make something finish: Having agreed upon the matter of payment, he brought the interview to an end. in the end B1 finally, after something has been thought about or discussed a lot: We were thinking about going to Switzerland, but in the end we went to Austria.Final and finally for hours, days, etc. on end B2 for hours, days, etc. without stopping: He used to lock himself in his bedroom for hours on end and refuse to talk to anyone.Continuous and permanent come to an end B2 to finish: Everyone wishes the war would come to an end soon.Coming to an endCausing something to end

end noun (SMALL PART)

[C] a small unwanted part of something that is left after most of it has been used: The floor was covered in cigarette ends.Things remaining

end noun (AIM)

[C] an aim, intention, or purpose: Do you have a particular end in mind?Goals and purposes to this end with this aim: He wanted science students to take an interest in the arts, and to this end he ran literature classes at his home on Sunday afternoons.Goals and purposes


[S] informal the parts of a task or process connected with one particular type of activity or person: Rick's more involved with the financial end of things.Duty, obligation and responsibility sb's end of the bargain, deal, etc. the area of activity for which someone is responsible: We've kept our end of the deal - let's see if they keep theirs.Duty, obligation and responsibility


verb [I or T] uk   /end/ us  
A2 to finish or stop, or to make something finish or stop: When is your meeting due to end? Her resignation ends months of speculation about her future. Their marriage ended in 1991. The match ended in a draw. I'd like to end with a song from my first album. She ended her speech on an optimistic note.Causing something to endComing to an end
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