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Definición de “get” en inglés


verb uk   /ɡet/ (present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got or US gotten) us  

get verb (OBTAIN)

A1 [T] to obtain, buy, or earn something: He's gone down to the corner shop to get some milk. I think she gets about £40,000 a year. We stopped off on the way to get some breakfast. I managed to get all three suitcases for under $200. How much did he get for his car? (= How much money did he sell it for?) Where did you get your radio from?Getting, receiving and acceptingCapturing or taking possession of things A1 [T] to receive or be given something: I got quite a surprise when I saw her with short hair. When did you get the news about Sam? I got a phone call from Phil last night. What grade did he get for the exam? I got the impression that they'd rather be alone. What did you get for your birthday? We don't get much snow (= it does not often snow) here. I managed to get a glimpse of him (= see him for a moment) through the crowds. If you get a moment (= have time available), could you help me fill in that form? She gets such pleasure from her garden. If you can get some time off work, we could finish the decorating. I can never get her to myself (= be alone with her) because she's always surrounded by people.Getting, receiving and acceptingCapturing or taking possession of things A2 [T] to go somewhere and bring back someone or something: I must just get the washing in. [+ two objects] Can I get you a drink?Getting, receiving and acceptingCapturing or taking possession of things [T] to take someone or something into your possession by force: Have the police got the man who did it yet? Your cat got a bird this morning!Getting, receiving and acceptingCapturing or taking possession of things

get verb (REACH)

A1 [I usually + adv/prep, T] to reach or arrive at a particular place: We hadn't even got as far as London when the car broke down. What time does he normally get home (from work)? If you get to the restaurant before us, just wait at the bar.Arriving, entering and invading [I usually + adv/prep] to reach a particular stage, condition, or time: You earn loads if you get to the top in that profession. It got to Thursday and she still hadn't heard any news.informal I'm getting to the stage now where I just want to give up.Starting and beginningStarting again get far/somewhere/anywhere to make progress or to improve: She's taking flute lessons, but she really doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with it. It's been hard settling in, but I feel I'm getting somewhere at last.Making progress and advancingBecoming better

get verb (BECOME ILL WITH)

B1 [T] to become ill with a disease, virus, etc.: I got food poisoning at that cheap little seafood restaurant. Kids get all kinds of bugs at school.Being and falling ill

get verb (START TO BE)

B1 [L] to become or start to be: He gets really upset if you mention his baldness. Is your cold getting any better? Your coffee's getting cold. After a while you get used to all the noise. You're getting quite a big boy now, aren't you! [+ to infinitive] How did you get to be a belly dancer?Starting and beginningStarting again get going/moving C2 informal to start to go or move: We'd better get moving or we'll be late.Departing

get verb (CAUSE)

B1 [T] to cause something to happen, or cause someone or something to do something: [+ adj] She had to get the kids ready for school. [+ past participle] I'm trying to get this article finished for Thursday. We get our milk delivered. [+ -ing verb] Haven't you got the photocopier working yet? [+ to infinitive] I can't get my computer to work! B2 [T + obj + to infinitive ] to persuade someone to do something: Why don't you get Nicole to come to the party? [T + past participle] to do something to something or someone without intending to or by accident: He got his bag caught in the train doors as they were closing. I always get the two youngest sisters' names confused.

get verb (BE)

B1 [L + past participle] sometimes used instead of "be" to form the passive: I got shouted at by some idiot for walking past his house. They're getting married later this year. This window seems to have got broken.Starting and beginningStarting again

get verb (MOVE)

B1 [I usually + adv/prep] to move to a different place or into a different position: I hit my head as I was getting into the car. Get out of here now or I'll call the police. The bed is too wide - we'll never get it through the door. Getting up the ladder was easy enough - it was coming down that was the problem. He got down on his knees and asked me to marry him!General words for movement

get verb (TRAVEL)

A1 [T] to travel somewhere in a train, bus, or other vehicle: Shall we get a taxi to the station?Boarding and alighting from modes of transportTravelling

get verb (DEAL WITH)

B1 [T] to deal with or answer a ringing phone, knock on the door, etc.: Hey, Ty, someone's at the door - would you get it, please?Dealing with things or peopleActing and actsCoping and not copingTolerating and enduring

get verb (HAVE CHANCE)

B2 [I + to infinitive] to have the chance to do something: I never get to see her now that she's left the company.Opportunity Freedom to act


B2 [T] to understand or hear something: I didn't get what he said because the music was so loud. I told that joke to Sophia, but she didn't get it.Understanding and comprehending

get verb (PREPARE)

[T] to prepare a meal: I'll put the kids to bed while you're getting the dinner.Preparing foodPreparing food using heat

get verb (PAY)

[I or T] to pay for something: Put your money away - I'll get these drinks.Paying and spending money

get verb (CONFUSE)

[T] informal to confuse someone and make them completely unable to understand or explain: Give him a technical question - that'll really get him!Puzzle and confuseDifficult to understand you've got me there! informal something that you say when you do not know the answer to a question: "How many ounces in a kilo?" "You've got me there."Confusion, confusing and feeling confused

get verb (ANNOY)

[T] informal to annoy someone: It really gets me the way we're expected to actually laugh at his pathetic jokes!Causing feelings of anger and displeasure

get verb (EMOTION)

[T] informal to make someone feel strongly emotional and often cry: That bit in the film when he finds out that his daughter is alive - that always gets me!Making people sad, shocked and upset

get verb (HIT)

[T] to hit someone, especially with a bullet or something thrown: The bullet got her in the leg.Detonation and bombardment
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