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Definición de “let” en inglés


verb (ALLOW)    /let/ (present participle letting, past tense and past participle let)
B1 [T + infinitive without to] to allow something to happen or someone to do something by not doing anything to stop an action or by giving your permission: She wanted to go but her parents wouldn't let her. He decided to let his hair grow long. Let your shoes dry completely before putting them on. I'm letting you stay up late, just this once. Don't let it worry you. If he needs money, let him (= he should) earn it!Allowing and permitting [T + obj + infinitive without to , not in past tenses] used to show that you accept what is going to happen, although you do not like it: Let it rain - it won't spoil our afternoon.Accepting and agreeing reluctantlyAccepting and agreeingApproving and approval [T + obj + infinitive without to , not in past tenses] used to say that you wish something to happen very much: Oh, please let him get the job! Gramática:Allow, permit or let?Allow, permit and let are verbs that all have a similar meaning: ‘give permission or make it possible for somebody to do or have something’.See moreGramática:Permit/allow someone + to do somethingWe use a direct object + to-infinitive after permit and allow:See moreGramática:Let someone + do somethingWe use an infinitive without to after let:See moreGramática:Passive with permit and allowWe often use the passive with permit and allow. Permit is often used for official public notices:See moreGramática:Let, let’sSee moreGramática:Let: permissionWe use let to talk about permission. Let is followed by an object and an infinitive without to:See moreGramática:Let’s, let: suggestions, offers, imperativesLet us is the first person plural imperative, which we only use in very formal situations. Let’s is the short form, which we often use to make suggestions which include ourselves:See moreGramática:Let meaning ‘rent’We use let with a direct object meaning ‘rent something to someone’:See more
(Definition of let verb (ALLOW) from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)
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