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Definición de “press” en inglés


verb uk   /pres/ us  

press verb (PUSH)

B1 [I or T, usually + adv/prep] to push something firmly, often without causing it to move permanently further away from you: Press the button to start the machine. He pressed his face against the window. Can you press a bit harder on my shoulders, please? The crowd pressed against the locked doors trying to get into the building. Press down firmly on the lever.Squeezing and grinding [T] to make clothes smooth by ironing them: I'll just press these trousers.Cleaning clothes [T] to put a weight on fruit in order to remove the juice: to press grapesPreparing foodPreparing food using heat [T] to make a CD, DVD, etc.: Over 3,000 copies of the CD were pressed and sent out to college radio stations.Recording sounds and images [T] to make something flat and firm by putting it under something heavy: The children pressed some flowers. pressed turkey breastSqueezing and grinding

press verb (PERSUADE)

C2 [T] to try hard to persuade someone to do something: [+ obj + to infinitive ] The committee pressed him to reveal more information. He's pressing me for an answer. Can I press you further on (= persuade you to say more about) this issue?Urging and persuadingCausing somebody to act press charges C2 to complain officially about someone in a law court: The family have decided not to press charges against him.Taking legal action press a case/claim to continue to try to make people accept your demands: Once again he tried to press his case for promotion.Urging and persuadingCausing somebody to act


noun uk   /pres/ us  

press noun (NEWSPAPERS)

the press [S, + sing/pl verb] UK B2 newspapers and magazines, and those parts of television and radio that broadcast news, or reporters and photographers who work for them: The incident has been widely reported in the press. press reports/coverage press reporters/photographers the local/national press The charity invited the press (= reporters and photographers) to a presentation of its plans for the future. The press was out in force at the awards ceremony. The freedom of the press (= the right of newspapers to publish news and opinions without being controlled by the government) must be upheld.Media in generalNewspapers and magazines C1 [S or U] the judgment that is given of someone or something in the newspapers or on radio or television: What kind of press did his play get?UK The play has had a good/bad press.US The play has had good/bad press.Judgments and analyses

press noun (BOOKS)

[C] a business that prints and produces books and similar things: Cambridge University PressPrinting and word processing


[C] a machine that is used for printing: a printing pressPrinting and word processingMachinery and machinesHousehold equipment and domestic chores go to press to start to be printed: The newspaper will go to press at midnight.Printing and word processing

press noun (PUSH)

[C usually singular] a firm push against something using the fingers: To start the machine, just give this button a press.Squeezing and grinding [S] the act of making cloth smooth with an iron: Can you give this shirt a quick press?Making things more or less smooth or straight [C] a piece of equipment that is used to put weight on something in order to crush it, remove liquid from it or to make it flat: a garlic/trouser/wine pressWines and winemaking
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