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Definición de “reach” en inglés


verb uk   /riːtʃ/ us  

reach verb (ARRIVE)

B1 [T] to arrive at a place, especially after spending a long time or a lot of effort travelling: We won't reach Miami till five or six o'clock. They finally reached the coast after five weeks sailing. News of his accident had only just reached us.Arriving, entering and invading reach a decision, agreement, conclusion, etc. B2 to make a decision, agreement, etc. about something: She reached the conclusion that there was no more she could do. We'll inform you when a decision has been reached. The jury took four days to reach a verdict.Accepting and agreeingAccepting and agreeing reluctantlyApproving and approval

reach verb (LEVEL)

B2 [T] to get to a particular level, especially a high one: The temperature is expected to reach 30°C today. He's just reached the grand old age of 95. I've reached the point where I'm not going to put up with her criticisms of me any more.Succeeding, achieving and fulfilling

reach verb (STRETCH)

B2 [I or T] to stretch out your arm in order to get or touch something: She's grown so tall that she can reach the door handle now. He reached for the phone and knocked over a glass. The child reached down/out/over and picked up the kitten. He reached his hand out for the money. [+ two objects] UK Can you reach me (down) that book?Stretching the body [I or T] If an object reaches something, the top or bottom of it touches that thing: The ladder won't quite reach the top of the wall. She was wearing a dress that reached (to) her ankles.Arriving, entering and invading

reach verb (COMMUNICATE)

B2 [T] to communicate with someone in a different place, especially by phone or email: I've been trying to reach you on the phone all day.Communicating and keeping in touch [T] to understand and communicate with someone: He's a strange child and his teachers find it difficult to reach him.Communicating and keeping in touch
Phrasal verbs


noun uk   /riːtʃ/ us  

reach noun (DISTANCE)

B2 [U] Your reach is the distance within which you can stretch out your arm and touch something: I like to keep a notebook and pencil within (arm's) reach. The top shelf is within/out of (his) reach. Make sure that you keep all dangerous substances out of the reach of the children.Measurements of length and distance B2 [U] the distance that can be travelled, especially easily: We live within (easy) reach of the station.Measurements of length and distance [S] the length of your arm when you stretch it out: You've got quite a long reach - can you get that box down from the top shelf for me?Measurements of length and distance [C usually singular] an act of stretching out your arm: He made a sudden reach for his gun.Stretching the body

reach noun (LIMIT)

C2 [S or U] the limit within which someone can achieve something: An expensive trip like that would be completely beyond/out of (my) reach (= I would not have enough money to pay for it). After years of saving, the car was at last within (her) reach (= she had enough money to pay for it).Achievable

reach noun (PART)

reaches [plural] a part of a river or part of an area of land: The expedition set out for the upper reaches of the Amazon. There was little snow on the lower reaches of the ski run. We know very little about the farthest/outermost reaches of the universe.Parts of watercoursesAreas of land in generalSpace - general words the highest or lowest levels of an organization: The news has shocked the upper reaches of the government.Position and status in groups and organizations
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