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Definición de “any” en inglés


determiner, pronoun (NOT IMPORTANT WHICH)    /ˈen.i/
A1 one of or each of a particular type of person or thing when it is not important which: Any food would be better than nothing at all. "Which of these cakes may I eat?" "Any." The offer was that you could have any three items of clothing you liked for £30.informal On Sundays I just wear any old thing (= anything) that I happen to find lying around. Any of you should be able to answer this question. Any idiot with a basic knowledge of French should be able to book a hotel room in Paris. Any advice (= whatever advice) that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Any minute/day/time now (= very soon) there's going to be a massive quarrel between those two. There were a lot of computers at the exhibition, any (one) of which would have suited me perfectly.Both, all, each and every Gramática:AnyAny is a determiner and a pronoun.See moreGramática:Any as a determinerWe use any before nouns to refer to indefinite or unknown quantities or an unlimited entity:See moreGramática:Any as a pronounAny can be used as a pronoun (without a noun following) when the noun is understood.See moreGramática:Any ofWe use any with of before articles (a/an, the), demonstratives (this, these), pronouns (you, us) or possessives (his, their):See moreGramática:Not any and noAny doesn’t have a negative meaning on its own. It must be used with a negative word to mean the same as no.See moreGramática:Any or every?We use any and every to talk about the total numbers of things in a group. Their meanings are not exactly the same:See moreGramática:Any and comparativesWe use any with comparative adjectives and adverbs:See moreGramática:Any: typical errorsSee moreGramática:Some and anyWe use some and any in different types of clauses.See more
(Definition of any determinerpronoun (NOT IMPORTANT WHICH) from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)
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