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Definición de “but” en inglés


conjunction     strong /bʌt/ weak /bət/
A1 used to introduce an added statement , usually something that is different from what you have said before: She's very hard-working but not very imaginative . This is not caused by evil , but by simple ignorance . The play's good, but not that good - I've seen better . I'm sorry , but I think you're wrong when you say she did it deliberately . Call me old-fashioned , but I like handwritten letters . I can understand his unhappiness . But to attempt suicide ! "She said she's leaving ." "But why?" You can invite Keith to the party , but please don't ask that friend of his. We must not complain about the problem , but (= instead we must) help to put it right . She's not a painter but a writer (= she is a writer , not a painter ). She's not only a painter but also a writer (= she is both). He said he hadn't been there, but then (= it is not surprising that) he would say that. I think it's true , but then (= it should be understood that), I'm no expert .Connecting words which express a contrast Gramática:ButBut is a conjunction.Gramática:But as a linking wordWe use but to link items which are the same grammatical type (coordinating conjunction). But is used to connect ideas that contrast.Gramática:But meaning ‘except’But means ‘except’ when it is used after words such as all, everything/nothing, everyone/no one, everybody/nobody:Gramática:But for + reasonBut for is used to introduce the reason why something didn’t happen:Gramática:All but meaning ‘almost completely’Gramática:Conjunctions: contrastingThe conjunctions but and although/though connect ideas that contrast. Whereas is also used but it is not as common:Gramática:ButBut is a coordinating conjunction used to connect ideas that contrast. Coordinating conjunctions connect items which are the same grammatical type.Gramática:Although/thoughAlthough/though can be used to contrast ideas. Although/though are subordinating conjunctions used to connect a subordinate clause to a main clause, like after, as, before, if, since, that, even though, even if.Gramática:But or although?But cannot be used in the same way as although/though. We use but to connect items which are the same grammatical type (coordinating conjunction).Gramática:Even though, even ifEven though and even if are also used as subordinating conjunctions in the same way as although/though. Even though is similar to although but it makes a stronger contrast:Gramática:Conjunctions: typical errors[from a brochure advertising an English course in London]
(Definition of but conjunction from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)
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