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Definición de “determiner” en inglés


noun [C]     /dɪˈtɜː.mɪ.nər/ US  /-ˈtɝː.mɪ.nɚ/ specialized
B2 in grammar, a word that is used before a noun to show which particular example of the noun you are referring to: In the phrases 'my first boyfriend' and 'that strange woman', the words 'my' and 'that' are determiners.Parts of speech Gramática:Determiners and types of nounWe cannot use all the determiners with all types of noun. We can use some determiners with any type of noun, but others must be followed by certain types of noun.See moreGramática:Determiners and singular countable nounsSome determiners can only be used with a singular countable noun. These are:See moreGramática:Determiners and singular uncountable nounsMuch, (a) little, less and least can only be used with a singular uncountable noun:See moreGramática:Determiners and singular countable or uncountable nounsWe use this and that with singular countable or uncountable nouns, but not with plural nouns. This refers to something near the speaker; that refers to something further away:See moreGramática:Determiners and plural countable nounsBoth, many, (a) few, the numbers two, three, four, etc., several, these and those are only used with plural nouns:See moreGramática:Determiners and uncountable nouns or plural countable nounsSome determiners can only be used with an uncountable noun or with a plural noun:See moreGramática:Determiners and any type of nounSome determiners can be used with any type of noun, singular or plural, countable or uncountable.See moreGramática:Determiners followed by pronounsWe can use these determiners + of before pronouns:See moreGramática:Determiners: position and orderSee moreGramática:Where do determiners go?Determiners come first in noun phrases, before adjectives and noun modifiers.See moreGramática:More than one determinerWe can use more than one determiner in a noun phrase:See moreGramática:Determiners and modifiersDeterminers which show quantity (underlined) may occasionally have words before them (modifiers, in bold) which make them more specific or stronger:See moreGramática:Determiners used as pronounsDeterminers are words such as the, my, this, some, twenty, each, any, which are used before nouns. We can also use some determiners as pronouns (i.e. without a noun following and when the meaning is clear without including the noun).See moreGramática:Determiners: typical errorsSee moreGramática:Determiners (the, my, some, this)Determiners are words such as the, my, this, some, twenty, each, any, which are used before nouns:See moreGramática:What do determiners do?Determiners have two main functions: referring and quantifying.See more
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