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Definición de “full” en inglés


adjective (CONTAINING A LOT)    /fʊl/
A2 (of a container or a space ) holding or containing as much as possible or a lot: This cup is very full so be careful with it. My plate was already full. I tried to get in the cinema last night but it was full. Don't talk with your mouth full! The shelves were full of books . When she looked at him her eyes were full of tears . I tried to get on the 8.45 train but it was full (up). Don't fill your glass too full or you'll spill it. The theatre was only half full.Full A2 containing a lot of things or people or a lot of something: This sweater is full of holes . His essay was full of spelling errors . I'm full of admiration for you. You're always so full of energy .Full involving a lot of activities : I've got rather a full week next week - could we postpone our meeting ? She has a very full life .Busy and activeHurrying and doing things quickly be full of sth to be talking or thinking a lot about something that you have enjoyed or found exciting : "Did the kids enjoy their trip to the zoo ?" "Oh, yes, they were full of it when they got back this afternoon ."Excited, interested and enthusiastic be full of your own importance disapproving to think and act as if you are very important : Since he got his new job , he's been very full of his own importance .Showing arrogance and conceitConfidence and self-assuranceBoasting be full of yourself C2 disapproving to think that you are very important in a way that annoys other people : I can't stand her - she's so full of herself.Showing arrogance and conceitConfidence and self-assuranceBoasting Gramática:Full or filled?Full is an adjective, and means ‘containing a lot’:
(Definition of full adjective (CONTAINING A LOT) from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)
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