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Definición de “way” en inglés


noun (ROUTE)    /weɪ/
A2 [C] a route, direction, or path: Do you know the way to the train station? I've only been living in Madrid for a couple of weeks so I don't really know my way around it yet. We'll have to stop for fuel on the way to the airport. Can you find your own way out of the building? It's getting late - we should make our way (= go) home soon. He elbowed/pushed his way (= hit/pushed people so that he could go past them) to the front of the crowd. The coach stopped for us to eat lunch but within half an hour we were on our way/under way (= travelling) again. There's no way through the centre of town in a vehicle - it's for pedestrians only. You'll have to go by way of (= travel through) Copenhagen if you want to go to Southern Sweden from here. Many people have lost their way (= become lost) in the forest. Only local people could find their way through the maze of narrow streets.Routes and roads in general make your way B2 to travel or move to a place: We slowly made our way down the river. It's getting late - we should make our way home soon. B1 [C] used to talk about the direction in which something is facing: "Which way does the room face?" "North." Which way up should this box be? (= Which side should be on top?) The numbers are the wrong way round - it should be 71, not 17.General location and orientation the other way round/around B2 happening in the opposite way: I thought the older people would be more offended than the young people, but it was the other way round. Way used in the names of some roads: Our offices are at 17 King's Way.Urban and residential streets Gramática:In the way or on the way?See moreGramática:In the wayIf something or someone is in the way or in my/his/our way, it is in the space which someone needs for a particular movement or action:See moreGramática:On the wayWe use on the way or on my/his/our way (to) when we talk about the route, direction or path to somewhere:See moreGramática:WayWay is a noun and adverb.See moreGramática:Way as a nounAs a noun the most common meanings of way are ‘method or style’, ‘route, direction, road’ and ‘distance’:See moreGramática:Way as an adverbWe can use way informally as a degree adverb to mean ‘a lot’:See moreGramática:In the way, on the wayWe use in the way for things that are obstructing a path or stopping us from getting somewhere:See more
(Definition of way noun (ROUTE) from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)
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