Traducción de "enter" - Diccionario Inglés-Alemán


verb /ˈentə/

to go or come in

Enter by this door.

to come or go into (a place)

He entered the room.

to give the name of (another person or oneself) for a competition etc

He entered for the race
I entered my pupils for the examination.

to write (one’s name etc) in a book etc

Did you enter your name in the visitors’ book?

to start in

She entered his employment last week.
enter into

to take part in

einen Vertrag, etc. schließen
He entered into an agreement with the film director.

to take part enthusiastically in

sich hineinversetzen in
They entered into the Christmas spirit.

to begin to discuss

eingehen auf
We cannot enter into the question of salaries yet.

to be a part of

eingehen in
The price did not enter into the discussion.
enter on/upon

to begin

We have entered upon a new era for our nation.
to enter (not enter into) a room.

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