Traducción de "strip" - Diccionario Inglés-Alemán


verb /strip/ (past tense, past participle stripped)

to remove the covering from something

He stripped the old varnish off the wall
He stripped the branch (of its bark) with his knife.

to undress

She stripped the child (naked) and put him in the bath
He stripped and dived into the water
They were told to strip to the waist.

to remove the contents of (a house etc)

The house/room was stripped bare / stripped of its furnishings
They stripped the house of all its furnishings.

to deprive (a person) of something

The officer was stripped of his rank for misconduct.
strip cartoon

a row of drawings, eg in a newspaper or comic paper, telling a story.

der Ziechenstrip
strip-lighting noun

lighting by long tubes rather than bulbs.

die Neonbeleuchtung
striptease noun

the act, by a woman, of removing her clothes one by one as a theatrical entertainment.

der Striptease
strip off

to remove clothes or a covering from a thing or person

He stripped (his clothes) off and had a shower
The doctor stripped his bandage off.

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