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verb /θrəu/ (past tense threw /θruː/, past participle thrown)

to send through the air with force; to hurl or fling

He threw the ball to her / threw her the ball.

(of a horse) to make its rider fall off

My horse threw me.

to puzzle or confuse

He was completely thrown by her question.

(in wrestling, judo etc) to wrestle (one’s opponent) to the ground.

throw away

to get rid of

He always throws away his old clothes.

to lose through lack of care, concern etc

Don’t throw your chance of promotion away by being careless.
throw doubt on

to suggest or hint that (something) is not true

ein zweifelhaftes Licht werfen auf
The latest scientific discoveries throw doubt on the original theory.
throw in

to include or add as a gift or as part of a bargain

When I bought his car he threw in the radio and a box of tools.
throw light on

to help to solve or give information on (a mystery, puzzle, problem etc)

Licht werfen auf
Can anyone throw any light on the problem?
throw oneself into

to begin (doing something) with great energy

sich stürzen in
She threw herself into her work with enthusiasm.
throw off

to get rid of

loswerden, abschütteln
She finally managed to throw off her cold
They were following us, but we threw them off.

to take off very quickly

He threw off his coat and sat down.
throw open

to open suddenly and wide

He threw open the door and walked in.
throw out

to get rid of by throwing or by force

hinaus-, verwerfen
He was thrown out of the meeting
The committee threw out the proposal.
throw a party

to hold, organize etc a party

eine Party geben
They threw a party for her birthday.
throw up

a slang expression for to vomit

sich erbrechen
She had too much to eat, and threw up on the way home.

to give up or abandon

He threw up his job.

to build hurriedly

aus dem Boden stampfen
They threw up a temporary building.
throw one’s voice

to make one’s voice appear to come from somewhere else, eg the mouth of a ventriloquist’s dummy.

throwaway adjective

disposable; that can be thrown away after being used once or twice

ein-Weg-…, Weg-werf-…
a throwaway cup
throwaway razors.

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