Traducción de "fire" - Diccionario Inglés-Árabe


noun uk /faɪər/ us /fɑɪər/

A2 heat, light, and flames that are made when something burns

نار / حَريق
Three people were killed in the fire.

B1 a pile of wood or coal that is burning to produce heat

نار (مَوْقِد مِن حَطَب أو فَحْم)
He sat close to the fire to keep warm.
catch fire

B1 to start burning

اشْتَعَلَت النّار في …
Dry grass can catch fire easily.
be on fire

B1 to be burning

That house is on fire.
set fire to something

to make something start burning

يُشْعِل النَّار في …
Enemy troops set fire to the village.
open fire (on someone)

to start shooting with guns, usually at a group of people

يَفتَح النار عَلى
Suddenly, the soldiers opened fire on the enemy.
play with fire

to act in a way that is very dangerous or risky

يَلعَب بالنار
verb uk /faɪər/ us /fɑɪər/ present participle firing, past tense and past participle fired

to shoot a bullet from a gun

يُطْلِق النَّار
She fired / three shots at the target.

to tell someone that they must leave their job

She was fired for stealing from the company.

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