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affectverb [ T ]

uk /əˈfekt/ us /əˈfekt/

affect verb [ T ] (INFLUENCE)

B2 to have an influence on someone or something, or to cause a change in someone or something

Both buildings were badly affected by the fire. 两座大楼都被大火严重焚毁。
The divorce affected every aspect of her life. 离婚使她生活的各个方面都受到了影响。
It's a disease that affects mainly older people. 这是一种主要侵扰老年人的疾病。
I was deeply affected by the film (= it caused strong feelings in me). 我被电影深深地打动了。

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affect verb [ T ] (PRETEND)

formal to pretend to feel or think something

To all his problems she affected indifference. 对他所有的问题,她都装作漠不关心的样子。

formal mainly disapproving to start to wear or do something in order to make people admire or respect you

At university he affected an upper-class accent. 在大学里他拿腔捏调冒充社会上层人士。
He's recently affected a hat and cane. 近来,他头上戴了顶帽子,手上拿了根拐杖,装腔作势起来。

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