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uk /əˈpɪər/ us /əˈpɪr/

appear verb (BE PRESENT)

B1 [ I ] to start to be seen or to be present

He suddenly appeared in the doorway. 他突然出现在门口。
We'd been in the house a month when dark stains started appearing on the wall. 墙上开始出现一些深色的斑迹时,我们在这幢房子里已经住了一个月。
His name appears in the film credits for lighting. 他作为灯光师出现在电影演职人员名单中。

[ I ] If you appear in court, you are there officially because you are involved in a trial.

Both women will be appearing before magistrates later this week. 本周晚些时候这两位妇女都将在地方法院出庭。

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appear verb (SEEM)

B1 [ L or I, not continuous ] to seem

You've got to appear (to be) calm in an interview even if you're terrified underneath. 在面试时,即使内心很怕,也要显出很镇定的样子。
To people who don't know him he probably appears (to be) rather unfriendly. 在不了解他的人看来,他可能很不友好。
Things aren't always what they appear to be. 事情并不总像表面看上去的那样。
[ + to infinitive ] She appears to actually like the man, which I find incredible. 她好像真的很喜欢那个男的,这让我觉得难以置信。
There appears to be some mistake. 好像出了什么错误。
[ + (that) ] It appears (that) she left the party alone. 好像她独自离开了聚会。
It appears to me (that) (= I think that) we need to make some changes. 在我看来,我们要作些变动。
formal It would appear (that) (= it seems that) nobody on board the aircraft actually had a licence to fly it. 事实上好像飞机上的所有人都没有飞行执照。
[ + adv/prep ] It appears as if/as though I was wrong. 好像我错了似的。
Everything was not as it appeared - secret deals had been done. 一切并非看上去的那样——实际上有暗箱交易。
I know how it must appear, but it's not really as bad as it looks. 我知道看起来会是个什么样子,但实际上也并不像看上去的那么糟糕。
"Has he left?" "It appears not/so." “他走了吗?”“好像没有/是的。”
[ after so ] "I think we're late." "So it appears." “我想我们迟到了。”“看来是的。”

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appear verb (PERFORM)

B1 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to perform publicly in a play, film, or show

She will be appearing in the latest adaptation of "Bleak House". 艺术剧院正在上演的《穿靴子的猫》中,戴夫•吉尔摩饰演寡妇特温吉。
She appears briefly in the new Bond film. 她在新的007电影中有几个镜头。

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