Traducción de "appear" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Mandarín


verb [ I ] (BE PRESENT) 在场 uk us /əˈpɪər/ US  /-ˈpɪr/

to become noticeable or to be present

He suddenly appeared in the doorway. 他突然出现在门口。
We'd been in the house a month when dark stains started appearing on the wall. 墙上开始出现一些深色的斑迹时,我们在这幢房子里已经住了一个月。
His name appears in the film credits for lighting. 他作为灯光师出现在电影演职人员名单中。
If she hasn't appeared (= arrived) by ten o'clock I'm going without her. 她要是10点钟还到不了,我就自己去了。
The film, currently in the States, will be appearing on our screens (= we will be able to see it) later this year. 这部正在美国上映的电影今年晚些时候将在我国播映。
I've noticed that smaller cars are starting to appear (= be produced or sold) again. 我注意到小型轿车又开始出现了。

If you appear in court, you are there officially because you are involved in a trial

Both women will be appearing before magistrates later this week. 本周晚些时候这两位妇女都将在地方法院出庭。

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