Traducción de "apropos" - Diccionario inglés-chino mandarín


adverb, preposition uk /ˌæp.rəˈpəʊ/ us /ˌæp.rəˈpoʊ/ formal

used to introduce something that is related to or connected with something that has just been said

I had an email from Sally yesterday - apropos (of) which, did you send her that article? 我昨天收到萨莉一封信——对了,你把那篇文章寄给她了吗?
Apropos what you said yesterday, I think you made the right decision. 至于你昨天说的话,我觉得你作的决定是对的。
adjective [ after verb ] uk /ˌæp.rəˈpəʊ/ us /ˌæp.rəˈpoʊ/ formal

suitable in a particular situation or at a particular time

clothes that are apropos to the occasion 适合那个场合穿的衣服

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