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argumentnoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈɑːɡ.jə.mənt/ us /ˈɑːrɡ.jə.mənt/

argument noun [ C or U ] (DISAGREEMENT)

B1 a disagreement, or the process of disagreeing

The children had an argument about/over what game to play. 孩子们为了玩哪个游戏吵了起来。
He got into an argument with Jeff in the pub last night. 昨晚他和杰夫在酒馆里起了争执。
A decision was finally made after some heated argument. 经过激烈的争辩,最终作出了一项决定。

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argument noun [ C or U ] (REASON)

B2 a reason or reasons why you support or oppose an idea or suggestion, or the process of explaining these reasons

Now that we've heard all the arguments for and against the proposal, let's vote on it. 支持和反对这项提议的所有理由我们都已经听过了,是否可以对此进行表决了?
[ + that ] Her husband was not convinced by her argument that they needed a bigger house. 她提出理由说他们需要一个大些的房子,但是她的丈夫没有被说服。
I don't think that's a very strong/convincing/powerful argument. 我认为这个论点不太站得住脚/令人信服/有说服力。
The central argument (= main point) of the book is that some of the plays were not written by Shakespeare. 这本书的中心论点是,有几个剧本并非出自莎士比亚之手。

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