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uk /blæk/ us /blæk/

black adjective (COLOUR)

A1 having the darkest colour there is, like the colour of coal or of a very dark night

black shoes 黑色的鞋子

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black adjective (PEOPLE)

A2 also Black relating or belonging to people with black or dark brown skin, especially people who live in Africa or whose family originally came from Africa

black culture 黑人文化
Black Americans 美国黑人

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black adjective (BAD)

without hope

The future looked black. 未来希望渺茫。

literary bad or evil

a black-hearted villain 一个黑心肠的恶棍


uk /blæk/ us /blæk/

black noun (COLOUR)

A2 [ U ] the colour of coal or of the sky on a very dark night

She often dresses in black (= in black clothes). 她经常穿黑衣服。
black and white

Black and white photography has no colours except black, white, and grey.

The old newsreels were filmed in black and white. 老的新闻短片是用黑白胶片拍的。
a black and white photo 黑白照片

black noun (PEOPLE)

also Black [ C ] offensive a black person


blackverb [ T ]

uk /blæk/ us /blæk/

black verb [ T ] (MAKE DARK)

to put a black substance on something or to make something black

The soldiers used to black their faces. 突击队员们涂黑了脸。

black verb [ T ] (AVOID)

UK If a trade union or other organization blacks goods or people, it refuses to handle or work with them.


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