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uk /klʌmp/ us /klʌmp/

clump noun (GROUP)

[ C ] a group, especially of trees or flowers

a clump of grass/daffodils 草丛/一簇水仙花

clump noun (LUMP)

[ C ] a solid mass of something such as soil

There were big clumps of soil on his boots. 他的靴子上有大块大块的泥巴。

clump noun (NOISY STEPS)

[ C usually singular ] the loud sound of slow, heavy steps

We could hear the clump of his feet on the wooden floor. 我们能听到木地板上他那沉重的脚步声。


uk /klʌmp/ us /klʌmp/

clump verb (WALK NOISILY)

[ I + adv/prep ] to walk noisily with slow, heavy steps

She clumped around the room/up the stairs in her boots. 她穿着靴子,在房间里咚咚地走来走去/咚咚地爬上楼梯。

clump verb (FORM GROUP)

[ I or T ] to form a group, or to put things into a group

As it started to rain, everyone clumped together in doorways. 开始下雨了,大家都聚集在门口。

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