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uk /ˌkɒm.pəˈtɪʃ.ən/ us /ˌkɑːm.pəˈtɪʃ.ən/

B2 [ U ] a situation in which someone is trying to win something or be more successful than someone else

Competition for jobs is intense. 求职的竞争非常激烈。
There's a lot of competition between computer companies. 计算机公司间的竞争很激烈。
The two companies are in competition with each other. 两家公司相互竞争。
[ + to infinitive ] There's fierce competition to get into that school. 加入政治保安处要经过激烈的竞争。
Foreign competition (= similar products from other countries) had reduced their sales. 来自国外的竞争使他们的销售额有所下降。
Why are you jealous of her? She's no competition! 你为什么要嫉妒她?她根本不是你的对手!

A2 [ C ] an organized event in which people try to win a prize by being the best, fastest, etc.

a swimming/chess competition 游泳/国际象棋比赛
She's entered a crossword competition. 她参加了纵横填字比赛。
humorous You don't need to eat so quickly! It's not a competition. 你不必吃得这么快!又不是比赛。
the competition [ S ]

the person or people you are trying to be better than

The competition on the track looked fierce and her heart sank. 跑道上的对手看起来很厉害,她的心不禁一沉。

Más ejemplos

  • The couple skated spectacularly throughout the competition.
  • Win the house of your dreams in our fantastic competition!
  • There have been a huge number of entries for this year's poetry competition.
  • The prize money for literary competitions can be as high as £40 000.
  • England has to win tonight's qualifying match to go through to the next round of the competition.

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