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uk /kəˈnek.ʃən/ us /kəˈnek.ʃən/

connection noun (RELATION)

B2 [ C ] the state of being related to someone or something else

The connection between smoking and heart disease is well known. 吸烟和心脏病之间的联系已为人们所熟知。
They're sisters? I knew their surname was the same, but I never made (= thought of) the connection. 她们是姐妹,是不是?我知道她们同姓,可从没想过她们是一家。
in connection with sth

B2 on the subject of something

They want to talk to you in connection with an unpaid tax bill. 他们想和你谈谈一张未付税单的事。

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connection noun (JOIN)

B1 [ C or U ] the act of joining or being joined to something else, or the part or process that makes this possible

The electricity company guarantees connection within 24 hours. 电力公司保证24小时内通电。
No wonder your charger isn't working. There's a loose connection (= a connecting wire has become loose) in the plug. 难怪你的剃须刀不转了,插头接线松了。

[ C ] the state of being joined or connected in some way

connections [ plural ]

the people you know and who can help you

He only got the job because of his connections! 他是因为关系才得到了这份工作!
He has important connections in Washington. 他在华盛顿认识一些很有权势的人。

connection noun (PHONE)

[ C ] the way that two people can speak to each other by phone

Sorry, could you repeat that? This is a very bad connection. 对不起,请重复一遍,好吗?通话效果太差了。

connection noun (TRANSPORT)

B2 [ C ] a bus, train, plane, etc. that arrives at a time that allows passengers to get on after getting off another one, so that they can continue their journey

(供中转旅客换乘的)接驳交通工具(如公车﹑火车﹑ 飞机等)
If the flight is late, we'll miss our connection. 如果航班晚点,我们会错过转机。

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