Traducción de "connection" - Diccionario inglés-chino mandarín


noun (RELATION) 联系 uk us /kəˈnek.ʃən/

[ C ] when someone or something is related to someone or something else

The connection between smoking and heart disease is well known. 吸烟和心脏病之间的联系已为人们所熟知。
They're sisters, are they? I knew their surname was the same, but I never made (= thought of) the connection. 她们是姐妹,是不是?我知道她们同姓,可从没想过她们是一家。
in connection with sth

on the subject of something

They want to talk to you in connection with an unpaid tax bill. 他们想和你谈谈一张未付税单的事。

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