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uk /dɪˈvel.əp/ us /dɪˈvel.əp/

develop verb (GROW)

B1 [ I or T ] to (cause something to) grow or change into a more advanced, larger, or stronger form

It became clear that he wasn't developing like all the other little boys. 显然他没有像其他小男孩那样正常生长发育。
The fear is that these minor clashes may develop into all-out confrontation. 人们担心这些小小的冲突可能会演变成全面的对抗。
Over time, their acquaintance developed into a lasting friendship. 随着时间的推移,他们的泛泛之交变成了牢固的友谊。
This exercise is designed to develop the shoulder and back muscles. 这项练习旨在锻炼肩部和背部的肌肉。
I'm looking for a job which will enable me to develop my skills/talents. 我在寻找一份可以提高自己技能/才能的工作。

Más ejemplos

  • Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg which then splits into two.
  • What proportion of people who are HIV-positive go on to develop AIDS?
  • Over the years it has developed into a highly profitable business.
  • The plane developed engine trouble shortly after take-off.
  • It's fascinating to watch how a baby changes and develops over time .

develop verb (START)

B1 [ T ] to invent something or bring something into existence

We have to develop a new policy/strategy to deal with the problem. 我们必须制定一项新政策/策略来处理这个问题。
The company is spending $650 million on developing new products/technology. 该公司将斥资6.5亿美元用于新产品/技术的开发。

C2 [ I ] to start to happen or exist

Large cracks began to develop in the wall. 墙上开始出现了一些很大的裂缝。

B2 [ I or T ] If you develop an illness or problem, or if it develops, you start to suffer from it.

The study showed that one in twelve women is likely to develop breast cancer. 这项研究表明约有十二分之一的妇女可能会患乳腺癌。
She's developed some very strange habits lately. 她近来养成了一些怪习惯。

[ T ] to build houses, factories, etc. on a piece of land

They're planning to develop the whole site into a shopping complex. 他们计划把这整块地皮开发建设成购物中心。

Más ejemplos

  • The president has agreed to allocate further funds to develop the new submarine.
  • They are now developing ways to produce the vaccine in large quantities and cheaply.
  • They have developed a new process for extracting aluminium from bauxite.
  • Several countries are trying to develop a nuclear capability .
  • A German company collaborated with a Swiss firm to develop the product.

develop verb (PROCESS FILM)

[ I or T ] to make photographs or negatives from a film

We developed some old negatives from my parents' wedding day. 我的度假照片还没有冲洗出来。

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