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noun (RESULT) 结果 uk us /ɪˈfekt/

[ C or U ] the result of a particular influence

The radiation leak has had a disastrous effect on/upon the environment. 核辐射泄漏给环境带来了灾难性的影响。
I tried taking tablets for the headache but they didn't have any effect. 我试着吃了几片药,但头疼一点都没有减轻。
I think I'm suffering from the effects of too little sleep. 我觉得我睡眠太少,健康受到了影响。
She has a lot of confidence which she uses to good effect (= to her advantage) in interviews. 她很自信,在面试时她充分利用这一点,占尽了优势。
→ See also after effects
take effect

to produce or achieve the results you want

They had to wait ten minutes for the anaesthetic to take effect before they stitched up the cut. 他们不得不等了10分钟,在麻醉剂起作用后才缝合伤口。
for effect mainly disapproving

If you say or do something for effect, you intentionally do it to shock people or attract their attention

I get the impression that she uses bad language in meetings for effect. 我觉得她开会时说脏话是在故意引人注意。
in effect

in fact, or in practice

So in effect the government have lowered taxes for the rich and raised them for the poor. 所以呢,实际上政府是为富人减了税,而给穷人加了税。
to that effect (also to the effect that)

used to express that what you are reporting is only a short and general form of what was really said

She said she was unhappy, or words to that effect. 她说了一些她很不幸福之类的话。
He said something to the effect that he would have to change jobs if the situation continued. 他的话的意思是,如果这种情况再持续下去,他将不得不换个工作。

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