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uk /ɪkˈspens/ us /ɪkˈspens/

B2 [ U ] the use of money, time, or effort

Buying a bigger car has proved to be well worth the expense. 事实证明,买辆大点儿的车还是很值得的。
We've just had a new garage built at great expense. 我们刚花了很多钱建了一座新车库。
We went on holiday at my father's expense (= he paid for it). 我们去度了假,一切费用由我父亲支付。
It's silly to go to the expense of (= spend money on) buying new clothes when you don't really need them. 花钱买你并不真正需要的新衣服是很傻的。

[ C ] something that makes you spend money

Our biggest expense this year was our summer holiday. 我们今年最大的开销就是暑期度假。
We need to cut down on our expenses. 我们必须削减开销。
expenses C1 [ plural ]

money that you spend when you are doing your job, that your employer will pay back to you

I need to get my expenses approved. 我得去办报销核准手续。
UK Don't worry about the cost of lunch - it's on expenses. 别担心午饭花多少钱——这是可以报销的。

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