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uk /ˈfeə.li/ us /ˈ

fairly adverb (QUITE)

B1 more than average, but less than very

She's fairly tall. 她个头比较高。
I'm fairly sure that this is the right address. 我相当肯定这个地址没错。
We get on fairly well. 我们相处得不错。
I saw her fairly recently. 我不久前见过她。

UK literary used to emphasize figurative expressions that describe what people or objects are doing

The answer fairly jumps off the page at you! 答案简直就要从纸上跳到你眼前了!
The dog fairly flew out of the door to greet him. 这条狗简直是飞出门去迎接他的。

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fairly adverb (IN THE RIGHT WAY)

B2 If you do something fairly, you do it in a way that is right and reasonable and treats people equally.

He claimed that he hadn't been treated fairly by his employers. 他声称受到雇主的不公正对待。
Officials will ensure that the election is carried out fairly. 官员们将确保选举公正进行。
fairly and squarely UK US squarely


She lays the blame for the recession fairly and squarely on the government. 她把经济衰退完全归咎于政府。

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