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uk /friːz/ us /friːz/ froze, frozen

freeze verb (COLD)

B1 [ I or T ] If you freeze something, you lower its temperature below 0°C, causing it to become cold and often hard, and if something freezes, its temperature goes below 0°C.

Water freezes to ice at a temperature of 0°C. 水在零摄氏度结冰。
The ground had frozen hard/solid. 地面已经冻得硬邦邦的了。
When the lake freezes (over) (= turns into ice on the surface), we can go skating on it. 湖面结冰后,我们可以在上面滑冰。
Our pipes froze (up) (= the water in them turned to ice) several times last winter. 去年冬天我们的水管冻了好几次。
The weather forecast says that it is going to freeze tonight (= that the temperature will be at or below 0°C). 天气预报说今晚温度会至冰点或更低。
Without a sleeping bag, you would freeze to death (= become so cold that you die) out there on the mountainside. 在山坡那儿,没有睡袋你会被冻死。

B1 [ I or T ] to make food last a long time by storing it at a very low temperature so that it becomes hard

I'll freeze any food that's left over. 我会把剩下的食物都冷冻起来。
Most soups freeze (= can be preserved by being stored at a very low temperature) well. 大多数汤都可以冷冻保存。

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freeze verb (STOP WORKING)

[ I ] US also freeze up If an engine or lock freezes, it stops working because its parts have become stuck and can no longer move.

My old bicycle was so rusty that the gears had frozen. 我的旧自行车锈得太厉害,齿轮都卡住不动了。
If the lock has frozen up, try lubricating it with oil. 如果锁卡住了,上点油润滑一下试试。

freeze verb (STOP MOVING)

B2 [ I ] If a person or animal that is moving freezes, it stops suddenly and becomes completely still, especially because of fear.

She saw someone outside the window and froze. 她看见窗外有人,一下就呆住了。
"Freeze (= don't move) or I'll shoot!" screamed the gunman. “不许动,否则我就开枪了!”那个持枪者大喊道。

freeze verb (MONEY/PROPERTY)

[ T ] To freeze something such as pay or prices is to fix it at a particular level and not allow any increases.

The government has frozen pensions until the end of next year. 政府已决定在明年年底之前维持养老金水平不变。

[ T ] to officially and legally prevent money or property from being used or moved

When it was obvious the company was going bankrupt, the government ordered all their assets to be frozen. 当该公司很明显要破产倒闭时,政府下令冻结其全部资产。


uk /friːz/ us /friːz/

freeze noun (COLD WEATHER)

[ S ] a period of extremely cold weather


freeze noun (STOP)

[ C ] a temporary stopping of something

The government has imposed a wage freeze/a freeze on wage increases. 政府暂时冻结了工资增长。

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